Depot 62 - Unique, international, urbane, stylish

Depot 62's collections reflect our family's culture and experiences. Unique furnishings, fine decorative Turkish rugs, fascinating collections and handmade artifacts: all tell stories of artistry and skill, of distances and travel, of color and texture.

About Us

Handmade Woven Rugs

  • Eccentric Home Furnishings

    International design inspirations, timeless and traditional, comfortable and sustainable, shades of nature, colors of the earth. This is Depot 62.

  • Rugs

    Texture, color, design attitude: Nature portrayed in material, design, craftsmanship. Traditional artisans using handspun wool and natural dyes, sustainably crafted in timeless Turkish techniques.

  • Depot Café Slow-Cook Dining

    Earthy, herbal, savory, wood-fired cuisine. All the flavors of the Southeast Mediterranean found in a festive dining atmosphere.

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