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Depot 62

Like Vermonters, the people of Turkey are hardworking and traditional, stubborn and generous, devoted to family and hospitality, oriented toward energy and love. Our communities are mostly rural, our foods are mostly local, our neighbors are our friends. This hilly countryside binds us to one another, to the seasons of our year, to the holidays of our culture, to the passage of our time. We raise children together, and care for families together. We raise food together, and we share it at our communal table. Our Turkish family is not out of place in Vermont, we are at home.
Depot 62 is the home we have created in Manchester Depot, the part of town formerly dominated by railroad tracks, train stations, and loading platforms. Our section of Manchester was—and still is—the working neighborhood. We take pride in our presence in the middle of local history, and we look forward to being a part of this community’s energetic and ambitious future. While we work toward that future, we will provide a homey environment for refreshment and rest, for diversion and rejuvenation, for dining and gathering. Shop and snack, dine and browse; join us at our table for a taste of our homeland. We’ll love hosting you...

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