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Modern-day Turkey spans the Anatolian Peninsula, the birthplace of wine-making. Turkey is a country of diverse climate zones:  high mountains, high desert, rich farmland, coastal plains, inland forests. Many regions of Turkey resemble Northern California, Southern France, or Italian Tuscany in topography, rainfall, relative humidity, and temperature. It comes as no surprise that Turkish grapes produce some of the world’s finest wines.

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MAJESTIK – Isabey Vineyard, Izmir, 2019                                                             $16 / $62 / $38

Sauvignon Blanc & Sultaniye; Crispy, dry and very light. Pale yellow colour. Good balance, good acidity, lean and fruity expressing apple and plum. Harvested from Sauvignon Blanc in the Isabey vineyard in Denizli district.

NATIVUS – Indigeneous grape variety from Anatolia, Tokat, 2018                       $18 / $72 / $42

Narince; Intense, mineral, dry with notes of white ripe peach and apricot. Lush and ample with slightly lower acidity. Sevilen Nativus highlights the unique characteristics of Turkey’s most significant native grape varieties. Twenty-five year old vines planted in clay soils 600 metres above sea level where cooling breezes blow in from the Black Sea.

KAYRA VINTAGE – Single Vineyard, Elazig 2016                                               $21 / $96 / $58

Okuzgozu; Dry, lively bright, ripe red fruit aromas with gorgeous acidity are the hallmarks of this fantastic wine. Just a hint of menthol and exotic spices of the ancient mid-orient integrates seamlessly with the smoothness of the finish. Kayra is from the Anatolia region—the birthplace of wine—where indigenous varieties grow from chalky clay and decomposed granite. The variety is named “eye of the bull.” An excellent pairing with savory dishes such as oven cooked lamb.

SEVILEN SYRAH – Aegean Region, Denizli 2015                                                   $18 / $72 / $42

Syrah; Dry, medium full body, earthy, dark fruit and rustic. High minerality and freshness. This syrah grape is grown in South Plateau where is 1000 meters elevation, in City of Denizli in Aegean region. 2015 vintage has a velvet texture, excellent balance, light acidity. Surprisingly fresh, yet complex: blackberry, blueberry, mint, liquorice, cooked fruits and tobacco. The finish is medium with some hint of violet.

SEVILEN BOGAZKERE & OKUZGOZU – South Aegean Region, Denizli 2016                                                                                                                                                               $18 / $72 / $42

Bogazkere & Okuzgozu; Full body with a silky velvet finish. Fruit aromas and a delicate balance of acidity, alcohol and residual sweetness. A blend of two grape varieties both indigenous to Turkey:  Bogazkere is noted for its strong tannins and structure, while Okuzgozu makes bright, fruit-driven red wines. Together, they make a full-bodied, intense red wine.

MAJESTIK – Aegean Region, Denizli 2019                                                      $16 / $62 / $38

Syrah & Kalecik Karasi; Dry wine from %55 Syrah and %45 Kalecik Karasi grapes. Deep red in colour, clean, intense, fresh and ripe with remarkable aromatic fullness. Minerals, fruit, spices, finesse and balance, all brought together by the judicious blend of kalecik karasi and syrah grapes. The grapes come from fifteen to twenty-year-old unirrigated vines, planted on limestone and clay soils harvested by hand.


HOUSE WINES Red / White / Rose                                                                           $9.50 

CHAMPAGNE                                                                                                            NA / $125 / $85

PROSECCO  White / Blush                                                                                       NA / $72 / $38

PROSECCO  Small Bottle  White / Blush                                                                  $18 / $12

BRUT                                                                                                                         NA / $78 / $42

Sparkling White HILD ELBLING SEKT – Mosel, Germany 2020                            NA / $68 / $32

Dry, sparkling, apples, honey, minerals and lemon.

Sparkling Red SET E MEZ – Emilia, Italy                                                                NA / $38 / $22

Dry, black cherry, wild strawberry, savory herbs, mineral, easy drinking.



LE CHARMEL – Cotes De Provence, France 2020                                             $13 / $48 / $22

Dry, light, strawberry, watermelon and peachy, finish with citrus.

STEL+MAR – California, USA 2020                                                                    $13 / $48 / $22
Dry, peach, apricot and hints of strawberry on the palate with refreshing acidity. 



LOS MORROS – Central Valley, Chile 2018                                                           $13 / $54 / $22

Cabarnet Sauvignon; Dry, still with powerful aromas of strawberry jam and vanilla, beautiful shade of ruby red.

PODERI CELLARIO– Carru, Italia 2019                                                                 $16 / $64 / $24

Langhe Nebbiolo; Bold, dry, strong tannins, distinctive scent like “tar and roses”; light ruby red.

CHATEAU GUILHEM – France 2019                                                                         $16 / $62 /$22

Pot De Vin Rouge; 100% Merlot, organic, biodynamic.

PAS DE PROBLEME – Vin De France 2019                                                              $14 / $52 / $23

Pinot Noir; Dry, red fruits, oakey finish.

LES DEUX MOULINS – Loire Valley, France 2019                                                   $14 / $54 / $22

Pinot Noir; Light, cherry, strawberry, touch of dark chocolate.



HILD ELBLING TROCKEN - Mosel, Germany 2020                                                $14 / $58 / $26

Elbling; Medium-Bodied, dry, zippy, stone fruit and herbs.

PRENDO – Tramin, Italia 2020                                                                                $13 / $48 / $22

Pinot Grigio; Smooth with a fresh, fruit-driven finish.

FALSE BAY – Western Cape, South Africa 2019                                                     $13 / $42 / $22

Chardonnay; Rich and creamy, luscious juicy tropical fruit character.

DOMAINE BOUSQUET – Mendoza, Argentina 2021                                              $14 / $48 / $ 24

Chardonnay; Organic and unoaked. Tropical fruits, peach and green apple.

FALSE BAY – Western Cape, South Africa 2019                                                     $13 / $48 / $24

Sauvignon Blanc; Dry, fresh, citrus, apples, crisp and easy.

LES DEUX MOULINS – Loire Valley, France 2020                                                  $14 / $54 / $21

Sauvignon Blanc; Bright and lively bursting with tropical fruit.



Allagash White Ale                Amstel Light                    Heineken                 Long Trail Ale          Long Trail IPA    Stella Artois            Pilsener            Corona               Helles                      Switchback                    Buckler / Non - Alcoholic                                                                  $7.00


Upper Pass / First Drop APA              Upper Pass / Cloud Drop IPA                   Fiddlehead IPA        Shed IPA              Little Wolf / Gluten Removed                    Weihenstephan                       Angry Orchard Cider                                                                                                                $8.00

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